Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rain Clouds, A Bottle of Gravina and HULU.

I've always been a night owl, but ever since I started bar tending at Local 188, it's really gone over the edge. Noon is the new 9:00am and dawn is the new bed time. After sharing a few short hours with the people I love after they get out of work, they usually dissolve into PJ mode just after dinner (aka: my lunch) and toddle off to bed. This of course leaves me wide awake and for the most part, friendless for the coming hours.

Fret not. Obviously, one can only cry alone in the basement for so long before finding a way out. Meet my new best friends.

These guys are great. I love Gravina for it's delicious drinkablilty, crisp flavor and low price (under $10 at most every reputable wine dealer, thanks Joe from Portland Food Coma) , and I love HULU because it has countless hours of brain draining skits, TV shows and movies that keep me somewhat current in pop culture references with the rest of the world. Sometimes people like to break in to a chorus of "I'm on a Boat" and were it not for HULU, there would be no nautical themed pashmina afgans for me.

Also were it not for HULU and wine I wouldn't have gone to Taco Town, got Jamie hooked on the new Dr. Who, watched nearly as many Obama addresses, reaffirmed Alec Baldwin as my hero OR been so confused by how Kristina Wiig makes me squirm with laughter and discomfort AND gives me a boner.

So HULU and wine, here's to countless overnight hours of laughs, tears, rediscovered classics and misguided erections!
I need to take a vacation from my problems. Anyone want to go see Star Trek...




  1. We all need a vacation from our problems babe.