Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ten Portland People To Keep Your Eyes On

Here's a list of ten Portlanders who have either a) been bringing the thunder for years or b) have a storm a brewin.

1) Kyle Gervais

Kyle historically has fronted Cosades, who split, but now fronts Grand Hotel. He works at the mall and lives with his babe of a girlfriend. He, in my opinion, is the best performer in town and to boot, he's a killer dude. He'll even come back to your house the morning after the big party to clean the puke off your front steps. Thanks Kyle!

2) Dominic Lavoie

Fronts Dominic and the Lucid, is an awesome classic rock DJ, has a pug, sings like an angel, smokes a lot of pot and is pretty sure he was abducted by aliens at some point in his life. Dominic would love to listen to a David Bowie record with you. I can't wait to see what he has tucked up in his little flannel wizard's sleeve.

3) Patrick Corrigan

Pat is art. Painting, drawing, sculpting, performing, A renaissance man whose work has and will continue to shape the way Portland looks and feels. We're lucky to have him.

4) Lauren Wayne

Concert promoter, DJ, rager, facilitator of good times, babe. If you've seen a show here by a non local that you loved, she probably made that happen. Lauren nearly single handedly keeps Portland from being totally boring.

5) Ian Paige

Books SPACE Gallery, plays music, does psychedelic drugs, has probably NEVER given anyone the finger. Ian tirelessly seeks out people doing innovative things and gives them an avenue to express themselves, sometimes for profit. How cool is that?

6) John MacLaine

wait for it...

...there it is. John plays trombone, sings, plays percussion, can dissect complex horn and string arrangements by EAR, gardens, has a dog, two fish, a turtle AND works for the government saving the environment. What did YOU do today?

7) Dilly Dilly

Sings, writes songs, remixes jams, tours, plays ukulele, drums, guitar, trumpet and THE FUCKING SAW and she can do it all sober. Check please.

8) Aren Sprinkle

Aren loves The Everly Brothers and Roy Orbison. She writes songs, plays guitar and when she sings, I DARE you not to cry. She is a super positive, super powerful person that is small enough to fit in your pocket.

9) Davis Drown

Paints, drums, sings, uses potty. At his age all I could do was shit my pants.

10) Frank Bishop

Frank is an attorney, writer, foodee, a lover of film and family man. He's well on his way to being Maine's most arts-friendly lawyer. With more people like Frank in the world, we'd have less to fear.



  1. Spencer-
    Good to see Frank up there. Good to meet you at Deathmatch too.
    Erik D.

  2. #9, #9, #9 Davis was a little self-conscious having attention brought to him but he needs to get used to it.

    Papa D.

  3. 10.5) Spencer Albee: Portland's (non) Biggest Fatty, Best Back-Ass Moped rider from Amigo's to the West End, Person Most Likely to Play an Entire Beatles Set at Your 'Surprise' Birthday Party at The Skinny. He's an All Around In-Your-Face-Good-Time. And from what I hear, throws a Monumental Party.