Monday, May 4, 2009

How cool is THIS guy? #1

Initially I kind of had this pipe dream about having a blog that would allow me to rant on and on endlessly about the things around town that drive me fucking nuts. While I still kind of do that to a certain extent, I came to the realization that if I wanted to continue to be able to work in this town or walk down the street without getting my face bashed in or be able to put out a record without it being absolutely slandered in the press, that I'd need to keep the pointed criticism to a minimum.

So I was left with my thoughts (often a scary premise) and decided to listen to my inner hippy and use my energy for something positive. That's why I've decided to start profiling people about town that I admire. These are people that are constantly holding it down, doing their own thing and AREN'T dicks. By dick of course I would mean people like that shit show of a human being Norm Jabar (Jafar? Who knows, who cares, he's a dick) who owns The Downtown Lounge and both of the Norm's restaurant locations and is constantly subjecting local goddess Katie Schier and all of his customers to his idiotic rants and shitty loud music. No I will not be focusing on unwanted children like Norm but rather celebrating the coolness of people like...

How cool is THIS guy? #1

Mark Belanger is a musician, a drinker of beer and a maker of glass who is currently collecting unemployment. Does he rock? YES. Is he cool AND nice? YES and YES. Does he know how to abuse government financial relief? YES.

Mark can often be seen walking about town listening to music on his headphones. If you approach Mark, you will be greeted with pleasant, funny, bright and relevant conversation. Mark also fronts a band called PIGBOAT. Guess what they do. THEY ROCK. With what do they rock?


And when he was in high school, he looked like this:

So I ask you, all of you. HOW COOL IS THIS GUY?

Pretty fucking cool, methinks.



  1. I look forward to this series, indeed, indeed.

  2. Hello spencer, just found my way too join you in the tired and weathered norm jabar. I'm not about any hating on his pathetic bloated menace personality. Just find it funny how he has an ego at all. The dude is done. He must be late too the party on this. Phone is ringing... OMG