Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Spencer and the School Spirit Mafia

Probably seems redundant to write about my own band in my own blog, but holy shit, I love these people. On Memorial Day we got together with my favorite photographer of all time Matt Robbins and took our first ever, all 11 members, group photo. What was amazing is that this shot was achieved in roughly one hour soup to nuts and nobody cried.

There's really something to be said for assembling a Super Group in which everyone is super talented and everyone has an "up for it" attitude. I remember Jamie (the blonde on the left: vocals, trombone, keys AND guitar) asking what she should be looking like, to which I responded "It's your face, do what you want.

I encourage you all to check out all these people's Facebook pages and learn more about them, because each and every one of them are incredibly talented and very special to me.

Megan Jo Wilson
Holly Nunan
John MacLaine
Charles Gagne
Dominic Lavoie
Stu Mahan
Sean Morin
Katherine Albee
Emily Dix Thomas
Jamie Colpoys

All killer, no filler.


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